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This session is based on a book Mark Boersma has written, titled "How To Get Your Business to Make a Profit Without You"

"The purpose of this book is twofold. The first is to help entrepreneurs all around the world to be able to accomplish in five years or less what most entrepreneurs only dream of: getting your business to run without you while making a profit.

The second objective of this book is to play a key role in fulfilling the vision for my life of making a huge difference in the lives of each and every person in the world, one person at a time. This difference could be helping someone in their career, business, marriage, child-rearing, or spiritual development.

While the title would imply that this book is only for entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals, it is actually designed to benefit a much wider audience. I believe that the spirit and perspective of the successful entrepreneur is something that all people can incorporate into their lives."

... Mark Boersma

This program is offered as part of our "Free Conference Call Training Sessions". For information about these sessions, click here.

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