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John Westermeire-Contemporary Services Inc.

Dear Business Partner,

Since we began working with Synergy Solutions, Inc., a business consulting firm, they have moved us beyond our expectations. They have various tools and systems that can assist any business endeavor, reaching beyond their dreams.

Our employees have commented on being able to accomplish more in less tims and the upswing of morale in our office is noticeable. We are improving in other areas, like our relationships with clients and personally with spouses and children. Identifying values, principles, and recognizing individuals who possess a hard work ethic, are only a few of their trademarks.

In closing, I would wholeheartedly recommend that an appointment be scheduled with a Synergy Solutions associate. Determine for yourself, at what level they can assist you reaching beyond your dreams.


Scott Jongsma-National City Mortgage

Diane is a realtor that I have gotten some business from in the past who is also included in my BNI group. It’s obvious that her taking the time to listen to one of the Business Masteries sessions has offered me a great opportunity to enhance this relationship.
Thanks for all your efforts!!!

Brian Hert-Colorado One Mortgage

After several failed coaching experience I was beginning to believe that I was the problem and that I was not coachable. My belief in the power of coaching was strong enough to keep me looking for a coaching system that would have the impact that I needed. I found it in Synergy Solutions. You have had a bigger impact on me in the first month of coaching than any other coaching system I have been engage in. The results I have experienced so far and the results that I see in the future are very exciting. You have "nailed" the WOW experience! Your willingness and ability to go beyond my expectations is taking my level of excitement to new heights. I'm more excited about the future than I have every been. I would enthusiastically recommend you and Synergy Solutions to anyone interested in achieving their dreams. Thanks for your help.