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Mastering Time Management  
  Improve your life balance, understand yourself and others, and build stronger relationships by adding this DVD to your educational library. Even if you've taken time management or personality classes before, this unique session will teach you to improve time management based on your own personality.  $195.00
Personality Selling  
  Did you know most salespeople can only naturally relate to 25-50% of their prospects? Do you have the skills to determine what will motivate potential clients to buy from you within 15 seconds of meeting them? This DVD is worth 10 motivational sales seminars!  $195.00
Exciting Prospect Management  
  How strong is your current prospecting system? Do you know how to use the system to generate high-quality, low-cost leads? Learn how to create a great prospecting system through this powerful DVD session.  $195.00
Preparing to Buy or Sell a Mortgage Company  
  What is the state of the merger and acquisition market for the mortgage industry? Let the leading Midwest merger and acquisition experts answer these questions and bring you invaluable, practical, and strategic tips.  $195.00

We have several titles available on audio CD. For a list of those CDs and the schedule for our live Conference Line Training, visit our Action Workshop Page.