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Paul Schouest - Southern Mortgage Brokers, Inc.


Synergy's turnkey management systems have changed our business and have helped us make more money with less effort and greater ease. I love the business plan, coaching, marketing, referral development, and training systems and would strongly recommend them to anyone. It's so easy, so comprehensive, so affordable, and so simple to implement. Thanks for the huge contribution you've made.

Rick Koscher - WestAmerica Mortgage Company


I love how easy, fast, and comprehensive your turnkey systems are. It's a totally new way of managing and leading people. A multi-million dollar backbone system helps me to build loyalty, teamwork, and a greater understanding of how I can make a difference in people's lives. Thanks so much.

Edward Rivera - First Financial Mortgage Consultants

Totally amazing! This has changed the way I do management with all my team members. Fast, effective, efficient, and easy to use. The $5 million backbone system shows me things I never dreamed possible in leadership.

Thanks, Mark!

Dan Graham - Compass Mortgage


Synergy's systems and tools are amazing and help everyone on the team come together in a unique and powerful way. It helps me and my sales people to, in turn, help their professional partners put turnkey systems in place. The CEQ is fast, easy, and powerful and can be used throughout the entire network. I love the comprehensiveness and ease of use.

Meghan Van Wyk
Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers
West Des Moines, IA


Your turnkey systems have been so easy to implement; its amazing. I loved your coaching session on delegation as it related to specific personalities. So very helpful in leadership. Your ability to quickly analyze, develop a plan with very little effort on my part, and your thorough understanding of the entire business development process, pre-sales, sales, post-sales, has been truly amazing. It is transforming our association; I love the scalability, ease, speed, power, and flexibility of all your systems.

Mike Ratchford - CEO
Right Path Marketing, LLC
Houston, TX

As you know, I have extensively researched and studied sales and marketing systems and have built my company's vision and product line based on my belief in those systems. I have never seen systems, tools, online training, business planning, coaching, and other turnkey systems that are powerful, easy to use, and can be used by an entire team, until Synergy. Working with Synergy has helped our team with the presentation of our total systems solution to our clients; it can't be matched by any other combination.

The more I see and work with Synergy, the more I understand and get excited about the science behind building business. I love the passion, energy, and excitement that the entire team has in helping me make a difference in my clients' businesses. Helping ME help them is what I love about Synergy. Keep up the great work.

Khaled "Kelly" Elqunni - United Mortgage Corp.
Crystal Lake, IL

Thanks so much, Synergy team, for all the systems and tools as they have helped improve my production and my ability to understand and manage people, which have at the same time improved my marriage. The comprehensiveness of your systems combined with the ease of use is what sets you apart from every other company. I don't know of another company that offers so many specialized systems for the business owner. What's especially neat is how they merge into the most comprehensive business development system in the country.

Keep up the great work!

Debra Moore- Cedar Mortgage


Thanks so much for helping me in all areas of my business, life, and leadership. Your systems, tools, service, and passion to help me get my business to make a profit, even when I'm not working on my business is amazing. Thanks for all your help and being so concerned about my business.

Debra Moore
Cedar Mortgage
Santa Cruz, CA