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SYNERGY SOLUTIONS presents a literature series designed to help businesses maintain contact with prospects by regular mailings. The helpful articles directed at individuals and families will help you cultivate business growth.

The suggested pattern is to send one mailing per month: newsletter, Newsletter, Newsletter, newsletter, Newsletter, Newsletter, etc. Included 12 two-page newsletters.

Newsletters will include several articles, related quotes, a fun recipe or space for a free offer, and space for your business hours or special promotion. Newsletters will include one article that builds on the strengths addressed within the preceding newsletter. The Newsletters will include more fun recipes or craft ideas.

Giving something of value to your current clients and prospects will build appreciation. We recommend that you mail the entire series to a small number of people instead of sending just the newsletter to a large number of people.

Each newsletter is camera/copier ready once you fill in the blank areas with your business-specific information (return address, schedule, invitation, special offer). Each Newsletter has space for your business card, logo, picture, or whatever you deem appropriate.

Certain Newsletters will have a "Free Offer" box in which you can offer to send them something, which will help draw prospects to you. Suggestions to consider are:
. a small booklet on an interesting or helpful subject;
. a cassette tape on an applicable subject;
. an checklist or interesting article you prepare especially for this free offer;
. an invitation to a seminar or special program held at your office;
. a calendar listing as many upcoming activities as possible.

Use your imagination! You may choose to use this space in another manner altogether, which is fine.

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Series H (Childrens' MaxSys)
Also available in Spanish

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Mini-MaxSys (Formerly L)
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