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Dan Murphy—American Eagle Mortgage

I wanted to let you know that I am seeing such great success from sending the MaxSys newsletter system.  MY FIRST MONTH ON THE TURNKEY PROGRAM LANDED 5 DEALS FOR ME!  It is such an easy system to put in place and, like you said, it only takes me about 5 minutes a month to keep up with it. 

With results like this, I don't understand why ANYONE would pass up the chance to be on MaxSys.  Thanks for making this so easy!

Dan Murphy
American Eagle Mortgage

Bob Donnelly—Home Express Mortgage

Synergy Team,

I just want to say that my Realtors tell me how they are WOW'ed by the persistent, consistent communication that "I" send to my Realtors showing them that "Bob's for real, Bob's in the game."  You and I know that it's not just what I'm doing; it's also thanks to
ActionVision which helps me plan my every step so I can keep focused on the big pieces that are the most beneficial to my business; it's the dynamite combination of MaxSys {monthly newsletter system) and SAM {e-mail/phone/mailing combo system} that are helping me build my referral base with much less stress and effort on my part - they help to carry the ball to the ten yard line so I can go in for the touchdown.  What I especially like is how MaxSys and SAM work together to show my referral sources that I'm serious about helping them build their business.  MaxSys has a "homemade" feel to it that allows me to show how much I care for my referral sources and clients.  SAM gives this a different kind of twist to help me gain the trust and respect of my referral sources, while letting me help them with their business, in hopes of my gaining some of that new business they otherwise would not have had.

Thanks for making my life run so much more smoothly, team.  One of the best perks is that the time I save using these systems lets my wife and I visit our daughter and her family in Florida twice a year the past two years, where we never went more than once a year in the past. 


Dear Synergy,
I want to take a moment to say thanks for making the MaxSys newsletter series. I'm now on "Year 3" of using MaxSys as a turnkey operation and I have had great results from it.  What's really great is that it takes me only a few minutes each month to send you my current d'base.  I now have several of my key referral sources using it, too, thanks to the great discount you offer my referral sources using my site license.  My referral sources feel more indebted to me as a result of that huge discount, so I gain even more of their referral base, save them a bundle, and put a few small "break even sales" on your side of the board, so it's a Win-Win-Win.

I think MaxSys offers a timely, friendly way to warm up my cold leads.  I send it to my past clients to keep my name in front of them every month.  I send it to my key referral sources, to everyone in my database, and think this was a great business decision on my part.  It's one of the more important pieces of the puzzle to help keep my face in front of my key referrals AND my clients. Thanks for helping me get to where I am today in the business world. 

Stan Lambert, Columbia National, Inc.

...Gary Zell's first month netted 1.7 million in loans directly attributable to the newsletter and personal letter we sent to his 700 person mailing list. (26 "thank you" phone calls, and 6 loans so far.) Thanks.

Pam Bella—United Financial Mortgage Group

MaxSys for Professionals is such an easy system to use! It has huge potential to make a difference in my referral sources' businesses.

Shannon Fassett—Fassett & Finucane Mortgage

I'm a very busy person. I have no time to consistently contact my referral sources and contacts. I love MaxSys because all I have to do is e-mail my database once a month to Synergy, and they take care of the rest. If I don't e-mail my database, they still take care of it! This is a really simple, powerful system.

Dear Mark,

I have to tell you that since I started using the MaxSys For Professionals newsletter series with everyone in my database, it has paid for itself seven times over -- and I've only used it for 6 months! I receive many calls as a result of how the newsletter draws people to me and so far I've turned six of those calls into deals! Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results. I was a little skeptical at first about sending it to my past clients, prospects, and key referral sources, but am a believer and am so glad that I am using the series in this manner. I can effortlessly keep in touch with my prospects, past clients and referral sources.

For a long time I had been wanting to mail a series to my clients, didn't know how to start one, and thought I had to send a different one to each group within my database. Thanks for helping me realize that I could send everyone the same series and not have to worry that it wouldn't be beneficial. This is the best thing for my business for now and perhaps someday it will grow enough to merit separate newsletters for each category. Until then, I'm moving forward and seeing great results from the newsletter series.

I've been able to stay within my marketing budget with MaxSys and hope to have several of my key referral sources using it for their own businesses soon. That's when I really hope to see some mileage for my money. My only question about it is to myself: why did I wait so long to do this? Again, many thanks!

Greg Maddox—Lakeside Mortgage

What I like about MaxSys is that is can be used as a tool to help my referral sources grow their businesses as I grow mine.

Dan Graham—Compass Mortgage, Inc.

Dear Synergy Team,
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I've been with the MaxSys system up to this point. I've been using the system for seven months now, and I get about three calls a month that come directly from MaxSys recipients. I find that the newsletters do a really good job building relationships for me, even when I'm not able to call or meet with people in person. I've offered MaxSys to many of the employees at my company, and most of them have taken me up on the offer because they've seen what it's done for me.

Thanks for helping me get great use from my marketing budget and build relationships with valued clients and prospects!

Kirt Grant—Northern Mortgage & Investments

Dear Synergy Team,
Thanks so much for the good work with my MaxSys series. My clients, prospects, and referral sources have mentioned to me that they appreciate the letters each month. Using the system has greatly improved the consistency of the mail marketing my company does, and we've improved efficiency from one quarter to the next.

MaxSys is an excellent system for anyone who's too busy to set up, manage, and maintain their own marketing. I appreciate the ability I have to give you most of the work and know that it will get done!

Thanks again.

Randy Schulenburg-Maranatha Mortgage

Dear Mark,

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the MaxSys For Professionals newsletter series. It really does help to build relationships with my readers as you said it would! While I've only been using the system since September, already my cold calls are warmed up with my doing next to nothing and it gives people a chance to become more familiar with me. Prospects who are getting closer to making a decision are more receptive to my calls as well because of my name being in front of them on a regular basis. I have had 5 people call ME after receiving the first issue of this newsletter without my doing more than giving YOU their addresses.

I'm convinced that turnkey newsletters are the way to go to build a business. Although I have not yet offered the use of my MaxSys license to my key referral sources, I do plan to do so once I have them lined up properly, so I'm excited about helping those individuals and at the same time leveraging that to help build my own business. This is a very ingenious approach to marketing. Thanks!

Al Williamson-Compass Mortgage

Just wanted to let the Synergy team know that a combination of my MaxSys newsletter and follow up letters/postcards/phone calls through the SAM system has resulted in a possible purchase. Their house is sold and they are going after one of two new homes in the area. I was selected to do their mortgage based on my follow up letter to the monthly newsletter. This is a small % of the Arrowhead target area, but it is a start. It is early in the process, but I feel it will go through. Their house is sold, and I did a pre qual today for the buyer and realtor for the first offer.

I have also had good reviews on the newsletter when I talk with people on my follow up calls. Actually, the ladies like it, but when I get the man on the phone he is not aware of it (or he will not admit it).

I just wanted to pass on some good news to Synergy.

Al Williamson
, Compass Mortgage

Jayme Huston-WealthBuilders

Thank you so much Karen. You also have been great to work with.  You have helped make everything run so smoothly.  I feel that I can ask anything, and not have a dumb question.  And you always explain every thing so well.  Thanks again for all of you hard work.  You guys with the MaxSys System are great.  I think that this will really benefit our company as a whole. 

Thanks again. 

Marlene Deck, Compass Mortgage


I've been on MaxSys for nearly 3 years and I have been so pleased with the results I get from it. My clients enjoy the articles and comment to me about my newsletter often. It's helped keep my phone ringing.

Everyone that I've worked with from Synergy has a passion to help me achieve my full potential and I like that. I've worked closely with your MaxSys staff and they've been very helpful and responsive to any changes I've wanted to make.

Who would I recommend MaxSys to?  Anyone and everyone because it's so quick and easy to use and can be sent to clients, prospects AND referral sources.

Thanks, Synergy!

Brooke Thompson-Bridge Investment and Seal Home Loans

Dear Synergy,

Just a quite note to say thanks for helping me with my marketing. The MaxSys newsletter system is so easy to use and has simplified my life considerably. My hands are freed-up so I can concentrate on more critical business issues. Kudos to your staff for keeping on top of my MaxSys newsletter system! I've made revisions to my newsletter several times and you've made it a quick and painless process.

It's great to know that I have a trustworthy marketing system that, as you say, just happens "like clockwork!" It only takes me a few minutes a month, and if I don't have time to fool with it, YOU make it happen without me. Just the accountability I needed! Best of all, it paid for itself in a short period of time. Thanks, Synergy!

Karin Paul-Solaris Funding Group, Inc.

It was amazing and delightful to hear from you speak today, and I want to thank you for putting yourself out there so openly and completely. You have such a beautiful clean energy that every time I talk with you my space opens up and I am jazzed for the rest of the day.

In addition to giving out such positive vibes, you have a killer technology to share that is worth much more than you charge people. You and Synergy is so right for me. Thanks for being there when I need someone like you.


Stephen Bacci-East West Mortgage

Synergy Team,

Last week, I just had to call your president, Mark Boersma, and brag about the results I've already seen from sending just two issues of your E-MaxSys newsletter.

I'm already getting responses, have written two deals, made $1,300 on five minutes of work, and my boss is so impressed with the results that he said he would pay for it!

Thanks, Synergy!

Stephen Bacci,
East West Mortgage
McLean , VA

Debra Moore-Cedar Mortgage, Referral Realty

Dear Mark,

When I think about the fears I had in moving forward with the MaxSys newsletter system, I look back and am so thankful that, while I may have over analyzed it a tad, I didn't procrastinate.  Instead I just jumped right in and started using the system, like you recommended.  It's really made a difference for me!

Turn Key - that is what I liked about the Maxsys System. My ONLY responsibility is to send an updated mailing lists to Synergy once a month by a specified date - and if don't give them an updated one, my newsletter will still go out! I see what you mean about my time being worth much more than minimum wage, which is what I would be paying myself for licking stamps and making copies for mailings. I now see how much less stressful my life is because of not pressuring myself to do those things. And most importantly, the newsletter is getting out every month - consistantly!

When I first started looking in to the system, I was skeptical. My office already sends a Mortgage related newsletter every quarter - what more would this do for me. SURPRISE! My recent round of calls to my 1000+ database told me that they only read the Mortgage Company newsletter if they have a specific interest in a mortgage, but they always scan "the other one."

That is why I have signed up for a 2nd year and this time have included my picture (UGH!). It's great having the MaxSys team working for me! Thanks team and God bless!

Debra Moore
Cedar Mortgage / Referral Realty
Santa Cruz, CA

Michele Young-Re/Max Action
Lisle, IL

Dear Synergy,

I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for helping me improve my life's balance. I'm now in my 2nd year of using the MaxSys newsletter system, and its made such a difference. My life is more balanced, I'm not stressed out about needing to do a mailing each month to get my name out there, and relationships are building without my having to do as much of the footwork. I find that I don't have to spend as much time in the office but am making more money.

Your staff has been instrumental in helping me stay on top of my marketing needs and quickly makes revisions to the newsletter as I need them.

Mark Sangster - Home Mortgage Capital Corp.

Dear Mark,

Consistent marketing is making such a difference in my business. As you know, I've made a TON of changes this past year and my MaxSys newsletter systems are right in step with me. It's been such a relief to know that I can depend on your team to help me stay on top of things, keep me accountable, and keep me consistent in contacting those in my database.

This year, my goal is to get at least a couple of my referral sources to use my license so we can ALL benefit from it. What a great idea to structure your system to help EVERYONE at the same time!

Mark Sangster
Home Mortgage Capital Corp.
Las Vegas , NV
Lisle, IL